Helpful Speech and Language Related Websites/Links 



The following link will direct you to a variety of videos describing and outlining how to have your child produce a variety of speech sound targets. It may help if you have a mirror that you can practice in front of. 


The following link will direct you to a variety of free downloadable picture pages that include your child’s speech sound target in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Use these pictures to have your child practice their speech sounds. You can have them say each one of the pictures 5-10 times, have them describe the picture using a complete sentence, or pick a few of the pictures and create a story about them using the words with their targeted speech sounds.  

The following is a link for an assortment of words containing "your special sound", sentences containing words with your target sound and lots of activities. Ask your child to say the word and then use it correctly in a sentence.



The following link is to a YouTube song to help teach kids about pronouns. It might be a fun way to help your child remember the difference between “he” “she” “it” and “they.” You can then use books and movies and have your child point out and describe various characters using the correct pronouns. It may be helpful to create a visual (draw a picture with the correct pronoun next to each) for your child to use as a support. You may also want to model using the correct pronouns at first when reading a book and then go back over the picture book and have them try to label each character using the correct pronoun.  



The following link is to a YouTube song to help teach kids about prepositions. It might be a fun way to help your child remember the difference between “in” “on” and “under.” You can also find props (such as an action figure and a shoe box) to have your child follow along with placing the item “in” “on” and “under” while watching the video. You can also look through picture books, magazines, or use toys while playing to talk about where the toy/character is (ie “in” “on” or “under”).  




WH Questions:  

The Following video is a link to help teach the difference between “where” “when” “who” “why” and “what” questions. This might be a fun way to help your child learn the correct way to answer these questions. As you go through picture books you can also ask these “wh” questions to your child. You may need to model the correct answer at first or remind them what kind of answer goes with which question (ie “remember a who is going to be a person or a character”). It might be helpful to create a visual support to help them remember. You can also ask your child questions about their day using these questions with the visual supports (ie “what did you have for breakfast?” “who did you facetime?” “when do we brush our teeth?” etc.).  


Regular and Irregular Past tense Verbs:  

If your child is struggling with using the correct verb tense when talking about something that already happened (ie: they might say “I dancing yesterday.”), then these videos might be helpful. After watching these videos you can practice by playing Simon says, take turns being Simon and have your child do a variety of actions and then take turns asking each other what you did. (ie “Simon says Jump up and down! What did you just do? You jumped”). It may help to model the correct verb tense at first.  

Regular past tense verbs song:  

Irregular past tense verbs song: