Triangle Elementary School                        Week of June 8                     2nd Grade Choice Board

Language Arts



Social Studies

Lesson 1- Theme

Review the Theme  anchor chart

Watch the BrainPOP, Jr. video  to review Theme

Watch and listen to the story Sebastian’s Roller Skates

Choose one or more of the following activities:

After listening to the story, think about what Sebastian learned and how he changed during the story.  These things can help you figure out the theme of the story.  Remember, the theme is the lesson that the author wants you to learn from the story.  Use this sentence stem to tell someone the theme:

The theme in this story is ____.  I know this because ________.

Think about another story that you have read recently.  Try to figure out the theme by thinking about what the character learned.  Draw a picture on a piece of paper to show the theme.  Write one sentence describing the theme.

Lesson 1- 100 More/100 Less

Review 100 More/100 Less anchor chart

Watch the review videos on 100 more/100 less 

10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less    

100 More and Less

Choose one or more of the following activities:

• 100 More worksheet

• 100 Less Worksheet

• Money Riddle: I have 7 coins worth $1.16. What coins do I have?

• Story Problem: Write a story about 100 more than 235, or 100 less than 235.

• IXL   second grade

100 More/100 Less

L14    L15

Coin Practice

P10   P11   P12    P13   P14  

P15   P16

It’s Fun Time!

Choose one or more of these super fun activities:

• Virtual Trip - Take a virtual trip to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo!  Meet the Black-footed Ferret, Cheetah, Naked Mile Rat and other animals by viewing the Zoo’s webcams

• I Spy – Can you find three different types of animals by looking out a window?

• Learn and Draw Safari – Can you draw these great animals.pdf?

• Oh Bananas! - this monkey wants bananas.  Can you help him get through the puzzle.pdf?

• Ocean in a Box – Let's go to the ocean.pdf!

• A Zoo for Me – Let's go to the zoo.pdf!

• Get Fit – Go outside and

     ° Prowl like a lion

     ° Stroll like a giraffe

     ° Skulk like a leopard

     ° Amble like a hippopotamus

     ° Flutter like a butterfly

     ° Stomp like an elephant

     ° Wriggle like a worm

     ° Gallop like a horse

     ° Shuffle like a penguin

     ° Strut like a rooster

     ° Leap like a dolphin

     ° Swim like a fish

Can you think of any others?  Oh yes, you can!

Amusement Parks!!

Watch and Listen  to Curious George Visits an Amusement Park

Listen and Sing along to The Theme Park Song by Blippi

Choose one or more of the following activities:

• Design/draw an amusement park for your stuffed animal, action figure, or doll.  Use supplies you have at home.  Include at least 3 rides.

• Watch:  starting at the 1-minute mark, Six Flags Bumper Cars.

• Use metal toy cars, and a box to create your own bumper car ride. Try holding a magnet under the box to move the car!

• Use Clever to access Clifford and the Merry-go-Round on Discovery Education

• Learn how to draw a merry-go-round

• Watch Ferris Wheels: a brief history

• Watch Riding the Ferris Wheel at Knoebels Amusement Park

• Watch and Listen to Mr. Ferris and His Wheel read aloud

• Watch to learn how roller coasters are made

• Watch to learn how gravity and energy are at work on the Diamondback Rollercoaster

• Create a virtual rollercoaster on PBS Kids

• Make tracks out of supplies at home to make your own rollercoaster ride.  Use a marble to see how it works!

Classroom Teacher

Office Hours

Friday 10:45 – 11:45

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Mrs. Becker’s page

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ESOL Team’s page

Honor our essential workers through art!

Virginia students in kindergarten through fifth grades are invited to say “thank you” using the art form of their choice: visual arts, literature, dance, music, or video.  Visit Arts for Learning for details.

Lessons will be provided by the
Encore Team

Monday - Art

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Counseling

Friday - P.E.

Lesson 2- Writing Adjectives

Review the adjectives anchor chart

Watch Adjectives for Second Graders

Watch Jack Hartmann sing What is an Adjective

Choose one or more of the following activities:

Writing adjectives practice.pdf

• Go outside with paper and pencil.  Sit quietly for a few minutes, then write down what you see hear, feel, and smell. You might have a lot of things to list!  Use adjectives to describe the nouns.


  I feel the bright sun on my face.  The rough ground feels hard.

  I hear a loud lawnmower and 4 crows calling.

  I see tall trees and a long sidewalk.

  I smell the sweet flowers.

Phonics- R-controlled Vowels

Remember that an r after a vowel changes the sound that the vowel makes.

Watch and Listen to Jack Hartmann’s Look Out for Bossy R fun songs for phonics

Complete the Phonics practice.pdf

Lesson 2- Fun with Math!!

Choose one or more of the following activities:

• Create an outdoor store using things you would want or need to go on an adventure, to the pool, or camping etc.  Give each item a different price that is below $1.25, then sell them to your family. Make sure to add them up correctly for their total!

Money Game

• Subtraction is an “egg” citing game!  Take an empty egg carton and write in marker in each egg space one number under the number 20. Have a partner give you a 2-digit number and place any item that is small from around your home in the carton. Close the lid and shake. Open the carton backup and subtract the number the object lands on from the number your partner gives you.

• Using a piece of chalk, write 20 two-digit numbers on the sidewalk or driveway. Then find a 5 small rocks. Throw all 5 rocks one at a time so they land on a number. Then put those number in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.

• Snake game worksheet. When you are done make your own snake challenge for someone to figure out!