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Distance Learning
Please visit our Class Pages and click on Choice Boards to access this week's distance learning opportunities!  

Each Monday, there will be an updated Choice Board covering the review objectives in the Pacing Guide.  Elementary school students are expected to do an hour of learning and activities per school day.  There is no set schedule, so please access the review videos and activities at your convenience.  Math and Reading are divided into 2 lessons, with each lesson having a different focus.  Students can work on any subject on any day, whatever works for your child.  Students can send completed work electronically to their teachers, and their teachers will provide feedback, however nothing will be graded.  All assignments are still optional. 
If you or your 2nd grader have any questions about the activities on the Choice Boards, please contact your child's teacher.  2nd Grade teachers have Office Hours from 10:45-11:45am on Fridays, but you can ask questions on any day.  

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work our way through this challenging situation.
We hope that you are all in good health!

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